"Localization required." Belarus and China will launch production of robots


The number of residents of the Sino-Belarusian Great Stone Industrial Park near Minsk has grown to 34. Three new companies have announced the production of fairly high-tech and sought-after products.

The Belarusian-Chinese company CITAM Intelligence Equity intends to produce fire-fighting and inspection robots. Its authorized capital is 1 million rubles. 60% of the new company is owned by CITIC HEAVY INDUSTRIES, 20% by CITIC Construction and Amkodor-Belvar. According to Hu Zheng, Chief Executive Officer of the Industrial Park Development Company, CITAM Intelligence Equipment is the most high-tech and influential project among 34 residents of the industrial park, its production corresponds to the direction of the park's development. The project will be implemented on the rental areas of the Great Stone, which will allow to release the first products at the end of this year. The new company will specialize in the production of robots that can work on fires and other emergency situations. The main markets for such smart cars are the European Union and Russia. To the question of TUT.BY, only assembly of Chinese robots will take place in Belarus or localization of production near Minsk is envisaged, the first deputy general director of the park development company Kirill Koroteev answered: “Localization is mandatory - without this it is impossible to obtain a certificate of own production, the presence of which gives the right to use the benefits of the park.

CITAM Intelligence Equipment, LLC

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