Heavy! CITIC Heavy Industries Kaicheng Intelligent Fire Fighting Robots Mumbai


Overturned tables and chairs, broken doors and windows, and collapsed floors record the panic and panic of the fire.

Recently, a nearly 100-year-old building in the old city of Mumbai, India, has a fire. The building is a wooden structure. The fire is developing rapidly and the floor collapses. After receiving the police, the Mumbai fire brigade quickly rushed to the scene to rescue and sent a fire-fighting robot to help extinguish the fire.

After the close cooperation between Mumbai firefighters and fire fighting robots, the fire was successfully extinguished. The participation of fire-fighting robots has prevented firefighters from taking risks and has played an important role in the actual fire fighting and rescue operations.

The fire-fighting robot that participated in the fire-fighting combat was developed by CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng Intelligent, and was delivered to the Mumbai Fire Department in India in advance to improve the local fire rescue force.



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