Room Prevention and Disinfection Robot

Room Prevention and Disinfection Robot KCFX-02


The indoor disinfection prevention robot has the functions of ultra-dry spray disinfection and ultraviolet lamp disinfection. Ultra-dry spray disinfection can spray a variety of disinfectants and spread the sprayed droplets into the disinfection zone using high-speed air flow, and powerful ultraviolet lamps can kill harmful microorganisms in the air. The robot has the functions of autonomous navigation and autonomous avoidance of obstacles and can automatically reach the disinfection zone for disinfection operations, plan a disinfection mode that allows you to disinfect places with many targets at regular times and at fixed points, the configuration of the extra-large liquid tank allows the robot to perform disinfection operations during long time and in a wide range, reducing personnel intervention. A fully automatic disinfection method can separate the person and the machine, reduce contact with personnel, and significantly increase safety.

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